Sri Lanka, as one of the most favourable tourist destinations in South Asia, has already attracted the tourist’s eye. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka you won’t be able to miss a single picturesque travel spot, especially in the Kalutara district.

Kalutara is one of the most popular and magical cities in Sri Lanka that aids to make your journey complete with the ancient legacy of Sri Lanka. It is situated in the western province of the island and presently Kalutara has become a blend of ancient and modern urban establishments.

The best part is you only have a 40Km ride of 40Km from the capital and it is one of the major reasons why Kalutara seeks more attention from tourists. So, obviously, Kalutara is blessed with several picturesque tourist destinations which also have an interesting and golden history.

Here we go with the top 5 places to visit in Kalutara. If you hope to travel around the island you should not miss these places enriched with religious significance and ancient legacy.


  • Kalutara Bodhiya
  • Kalutara Beach
  • Richmond Castle
  • Fa Hien Caves (Pahiyangala)
  • Thudugala Ella Waterfall

1 . Kalutara Bodhiya

Kalutara Bodiya

Kalutara Bodhiya is one of the most sacred religious sites in Sri Lanka and many Buddhists visit it here. It is believed that the Bodhi Tree has existed since the 2nd century BC and Buddhists also believe that it is one of the 32 Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi saplings. Therefore, Kalutara Bodhiya and Stupa are worshipped and venerated by many Buddhists and travellers who love Buddhist culture from around the world.


2 . Kalutara Beach

kalutara beaches

Kalutara is known for its blue beaches. Among the most picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka, Kalutara beach comes first. Any traveller can feel the breeze of the fine beaches of Kalutara just after a short trip from the capital. It is the hidden reason for Kalutara beach having more tourist attractions. This scenic beach is bounded by Mahawaskaduwa from the North and it brings a calming vibe to the beach. It also remains a famous landmark for fun beach activities and to spend your time leisurely with the meditative sea breeze.


3 . Richmond Castle

Richmond Castle

A historic mansion, the Richmond Castle was built for the Mudaliyar Don Authur de Silva in 1910. It is also known as an Edwardian mansion and the castle is a two-story building with 16 rooms which all are open to tourists. This castle adds an extra historic value to Kalutara and the unique Sri Lankan architecture that prevailed in the century is depicted through this elegant castle. Some of the essential stuff when building the castle were imported from overseas and Italian floor tiles, Burmese teaks, grape vines to glass decors from Scotland enlighten the overlook of the castle. So, Richmond Castle is one of the most attractive and eye-catching tourist places situated in Kalutara which you should not miss at any chance.


4 . Fa Hien Caves (Pahiyangala)


Have you ever bothered about the past human civilization of Sri Lanka? If yes, then Pahiyangala or Fa Hien Caves is the most suitable place for you to visit. This is a place with global significance and enriched with historical facts which can still be witnessed. This cave has been named after a popular Buddhist monk who lived in the ancient era, Faxian, and eventually named Fa Hien. But, it is not confirmed yet by any historian or archeological evidence and it is only a rural legend. During the excavations that took place in the 1960s, 1980s, and even in 2013, it was able to find a Pleistocene human fossilised skeleton.


5 . Thudugala Ella Waterfall

Thudugala Ella Waterfall

Thudugala Ella waterfall is a scenic cascade located in Thudugala village in Kalutara. It is one of the major landmark waterfalls on the island. Out of the approximately 382 waterfalls on the island, Thudugala ranks 268th place. It is one of the ideal places to enjoy a French water bath nearby the ruins of the erstwhile British estate. The birds in the area have stolen the tourist attraction and since this waterfall is situated in a forest many tourists travel there to enjoy a complete nature bath in a natural stream pool. Transport is not an issue since this location is connected to nearby cities and roadways within 15 Km. So, pay a visit to this beautiful and refreshing Thudugala Ella waterfall and you will not regret it.


Then no more words to say that Kalutara offers you the best and ideal places to visit and connect with nature. Therefore, do not miss even a single place out of the above 5 scenic places where you can absorb the tropical vibe of the country.



Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Kalutara

Is Kalutara worth visiting?

Kalutara is worth thousands of times to visit and you will experience the modernity and the historical value of the eye-catching tourist destinations. The beaches filled with calm blue water and soothing breezes refresh you even during your stay in the hotel.

What is special about Kalutara?

Kalutara is 40Km away from the capital and transportation is not an issue at all. It is also the administrative city of the Kalutara district and it is blessed with a range of tourist attractive places to visit such as Kalutara Bodhiya, Richmond Castle, Fa Hien Caves, Thudugala Ella waterfall, Holy Cross Church, Kalutara beach and RANJITH Carving and Batik museum.

Which province is Kalutara?

Kalutara is situated in the Western province and it is the administrative capital of the Kalutara district.

 How far is Kalutara from Colombo?

Kalutara is 41 km away from Colombo and it takes only about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach.

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is around December to mid-April, if you are targeting a peak season. But, Sri Lanka is also a year-round travelling destination. Travel east and northern regions to have sunny baths during the summer and the southern coast is best visited during the winter months.